Eurasia Go Cup
Open Tournament
Venue: Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Registration to Eurasia Go Cup 2023: Registration will be open in May May 2023. There is no entry fee.
Open Tournament Details
McMahon, seven rounds, Japanese scoring rules
Time Limits
60 minutes + 3x30 seconds byoyomi, no more than 2 rounds per day.

Victory Conditions
The player with the most McMahon points (McMahon points at the start + 1 point for each win) shall be declared the
Open Go Tournament Champion 2023.
If two or more players score the same number of points, SOS and SODOS will be used as tie breakers to determine placings. All prize money however will be divided equally among the players who scored the same number of McMahon points.
Distribution of prizes in USD
The prize money will be paid in KZT tenge at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Kazakhstan on the date of the tournament, net of taxes.
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